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Rodomi pranešimai su žymėmis Riešutų sviestas. Rodyti visus pranešimus

2014 m. birželio 8 d., sekmadienis

Frozen Banana Bites / Šaldyti bananų kąsneliai

Experience. Recently I got some requests to make something healthy and with low calories. Tried to search and find something really delicious and healthy. Haven't found yet...

Frozen Banana Bites recipe I actually discovered during this search. I was intrigued because always wanted to taste frozen bananas. 

After a few minutes in the kitchen, the dessert is ready. You can serve it frozen or fresh, it's up to you. I tried them both, but prefer frozen ones. My husband actually didn't like them. The frozen ones were too cold for him, and the unfreezed bites became wet inside and not really tasty. So do not unfreeze them once chilled. If you want them soft, just don't freeze.

I had some chocolate mixture leftovers so dipped some strawberries and apple slices. The strawberries were really nice for my husband, he even liked them more then bananas. However, apples didn't go with chocolate and peanut butter at all. 

All in all, it's a great dessert for those who live healthy life and want less calories in their diet. If you want even healthier version, used natural peanut butter and good quality chocolate.

Taste. Very refreshing dessert, like a banana ice cream with a chocolate glaze. I used crunchy peanut butter, so they were crunchy and with a richer nut taste.

What I would do different next time. I would try with other chocolates (dark, plain or even white).

Frozen Banana Bites