Rodomi pranešimai su žymėmis Irish Kitchen. Rodyti visus pranešimus
Rodomi pranešimai su žymėmis Irish Kitchen. Rodyti visus pranešimus

2015 m. spalio 17 d., šeštadienis

Airiška sodos duona su razinomis / Irish Soda Bread with Raisins

Skani, saldi airiška sodos duona su razinomis ir apelsinų žievele.

Tai nebe pirma mano kepta airiška sodos duona. Labai seniai esu kepusi tradicinę, paprastą sodos duoną. Tik tada aš ja taip nesidžiaugiau, kaip šita. Labai skani, labai kvapni, šiek tiek saldi duonelė. Be viso to, greitai, lengvai paruošiama be kildinimo ir ilgo minkymo. 

2013 m. vasario 26 d., antradienis

Irish Soda Bread / Airiška sodos duona

4th Baking Secret which I learned from Paul Hollywood is Soda Bread. It is the traditional bread of Ireland. This bread is really quick to make, perfect when you want to knock something fast for lunch or supper. Soda bread is excellent served warm, fresh from the oven and best eaten  within a day of baking. I tried to leave it longer, but after a day or two it became very hard and not very tasty. Generally speaking, the taste of the bread is not usual. It tastes to me more like salty pie then usual bread. But taste is undoubted thing! My first baking of this bread was not very successful as I made several mistakes. Fist, I didn't flatten the dough enough and didn't cut deeply through the bread before baking as a result it did not bake normally inside. The second time was more successful! Unfortunately, I didn't fall in love with this Irish Soda Bread. However, it was nice to try!