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Rodomi pranešimai su žymėmis Konservavimas. Rodyti visus pranešimus

2016 m. rugpjūčio 15 d., pirmadienis

Cukinijų uogienė su apelsinais / Zucchini Orange Jam

Saldi, skani cukinijų uogienė su apelsinais.

Labai įdomi uogienė! Pirmą kartą gyvenime viriau uogienę iš cukinijų. Net nebuvau apie tokią girdėjusi. Rezultatas - malonus. Uogienė - tikrai saldi, skonis - panašus į abrikosus ar ananasus. Dar viena keistenybė! 

2014 m. rugpjūčio 11 d., pirmadienis

Simple Blackcurrant Jam / Paprastas juodųjų serbentų džemas

Experience. Who does not like jam? I love it. Although, blackcurrant jam never was my favorite one, but as I had some berries in the fridge and was already sick of sour cake (I'd tried some cake recipes with blackcurrants lately and they were really sour), so decided to make my own jam and was very pleased with the result. Couldn't resist to try some jam straight away. It was very delicious and not sour at all. I forgot how good the home-made jam tasted... Wish there would be more berries with reasonable price in England. These are the moments when I miss my country (Lithuania), where berries are inexpensive. I remember we used to buy them in large buckets and cook a lot of jam. 

Now about preparation. I actually cooked everything outright (blackcurrants, sugar, water) in a pan so it was even easier and add some red currants (about 50 g). The jam was thick. 

You should get about 2 cups of jam (500 g). 

Taste. Sweet, very flavourful, perfectly slightly sour jam with blackcurrants. 

What I would do different next time. Would not change anything. Perfect jam. Loved it.  

Simple Blackcurrant Jam
Recipe adapted from David Labovitz